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Inside his mech, Ma Su was feeling disarrayed as he was being tossed. Aslan used the best simulators. He did not care for anything other than ensuring his survival.


The clash of such momentum was enough to create minute problems in the generation of power. The only ones that were paying a bit closer attention to Lear were probably Wang Zheng, Achilles, and Lie Xin. The competition had gone on for too long.


Some people let out their laughter. When this fatty went on stage, he kept looking back. He simply looked like a kid abandoned by his parents. But when he walked up the last step, the hesitation on his face thoroughly vanished.


“The important thing now is to get things done, not to show off. If we screw this up, all of us will be out of a job. Now go!” Yan Xiaosu said. He had thrown off all pretenses. If they did not pass this one, then their future would be bleak indeed.


Eve Litts injures were not serious. However, for a proud flame wielder, her psychological trauma was the greatest. Someone who was obviously weaker than her could actually use flames that were two grades higher than hers This was really a great blow to her pride.


The members of both teams were very good-looking. The military uniforms of both Aslan and Maya were smart, very smart and good-looking.

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In recent times, all the countries of the Milky Way Alliance were preparing to make their move. This was because of the rise of the empires’ strengths, especially the advancement to their armaments, thus they were starting to misbehave a little. Military competitions among the various countries were actually disguised arms races. But Atlantis did not take part in those. They were only competing in the college type, and using this approach to highlight their country’s strengths. However, following the advancement of the other countries, especially regarding the understanding of the use of the runic mecha, they no longer seemed to take Atlantis seriously.


Si Jiali had wanted to compliment Achilles but could not utter a word even when it was already at the tip of her tongue. When it was time to fight, he should fight. However, it was clear that the gap was huge and that this was just delaying his defeat. Just play punk and be a gangster.


Lie Xin was next. Hailing from Mars, Lie Xin was from a family of physical combat. Although a girl, her battling tactics were very tough and vigorous. Her temper was rumoured to be very fiery too. Of course, the two main female powers of Saruman Snake had also gained much glory for the female sex. At the same time, their good looks were off the charts. Skilled as scout and warrior, their battling abilities were very good as well.


She could refuse to see anyone, but she could not look upon the position of Atlantis lightly. Aslan needed alliances too, and Atlantis was the best and the strongest. Furthermore, they would never pose a threat.


“Governor Bosh, it has been a while. The entire Newcastle looks completely renewed.”


On the other end, Snow Li was chasing Millis to the end. Millis had used up her energy shield, but she had also entered the energy tower. Obviously, Snow Li had not accomplished her mission and she had also used up half her energy shield. Millis gave a sigh of relief as she watched the Ice Bird mech turn away. Once she had her energy recharged, she would pursue and attack. But for now, she would have to be patient.


The most ironic person now was Kashawen. If the Prime Minister had not stimulated Wang Zheng so much, perhaps things might not have turned out this way. Many a time, a persons potential was released because of such pressure.



Even Lin Feng’s anger turned to a laugh. From the side, Qiankun Zadeh stood up. “Against you, I alone will be enough. Remember my name. Aslan Official School’s Qiankun Zadeh!”



The azure blue Runic Matrices were like water ripples under Atlas feet, slowing spreading out in ripples, lighting up half the sky.


This fellow Wang Zheng, he kind of grew under my observation. It is hard to believe that he had come this far! said Bolet with the deep sentiment. When Wang Zheng stood up, this old man felt a passion that he had not felt for a long time.


The entire audience in the arena was chanting his name. Si Jiali was also holding her tears and waving her clenched fists, chanting this familiar yet unfamiliar name.

  • Mars started, then barked out a laugh. “Sorry, but that is indeed the case. Even if I hadn’t come, others would. Might as well be me.”
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