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We have analysed the cells. Active level is extremely high. It is equivalent to the level of genetic modifications. But the body has not gone through any genetic modifications or other modifications. Classified as normal human, said Sabot.


Apart from Zhang Shan, there was also Achilles. Where had the pride of the Sun God gone to? When did the once prideful Achilles become Wang Zhengs lackey?


The Ghost Warrior retreated violently. González panted hard. He had used his full energy in the attack, but his opponent only needed one third of his energy to defend against that. Physical exhaustion apart, this was a real mental blow.


Wang Zheng also nodded silently. His judgement had been correct. The best way to deal with the Runic Matrices was to use spiritual disconnection. This was what he had experienced when he was battling Aragorn. This was in addition to his understanding of the Runic Matrix. After three days of continuous practice, Mu Zhen and Lie Xins reception were pretty high. This was the only chance they had in this disadvantageous situation.


Legend had it that the Golden Wheel Battle Kings battle tactics were developed by Wang Zheng. But it had never been proven. Everyone knew that the Golden Wheel Battle King was also a mech that Wang Zheng favoured.


Immediately, a hush fell on the forest. The wind blew through, and the leaves rustled and whispered, adding to the strangeness of the situation.

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The two axes flew towards Satie. While using teleportation, he gave up confrontation. Achilles had complete control of the whole situation.


The Fighting Spirit was even more powerful in the heavy downpour. This was a battle with no return. Either they died of exhaustion or got beaten to death!


“Both are excellent, but not perfect. Dina Atlas, Aslan royalty. I find this one not bad,” Kashawen said.


This Wang Zheng seemed to be a proponent of technique. That was why restraining him and then overwhelming him with brawn was the best choice. Assuming that Wang Zheng had not used his own agility and technique had been a mistake.


Lin Huiyins little hands were clasped tightly together. Her elder sister had said that the first match was very important. Saruman Snakes only chance was the individual battles, where they still stood a fighting chance. Once they went into team battle, they would have practically no chance of winning. But did they even stand a chance in individual battles?


Although Ability X could be categorized by Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth, that was the Solar System’s ancient way. Now, controlling, strengthening, liberating, special types were the categories favored. External application types might only be average for a mecha warrior, but were extremely powerful in close combat.


The secretary paused for a while. “Your Excellency, I am no expert in military matters. But the opinion of the various generals is that Wang Zheng has immeasurable potential, and Manalasuo’s General Bolet favors him greatly.”



The arena was still filled with silence; no applause, no cheers. As always, the Atlanteans saluted politely, and the reaction from the outside world could not affect them.



The flame whip swept across, and the Real Steel quickly evaded it. The ground split open. The engineers had given up, they could not have built the whole arena using the strongest alloy. Since it was the last match, it was up to the competitors to destroy it.


Yes, there was nothing as important as the return of the king. Wang Zheng was the reason the SIG is able to live up to its name.


His body hunched over, Qiankun Zadeh put all his energy into this knife. He entered a zen state he had never reached before.

  • This was SIG’s extreme defensive mechanism – a small energy shield. The crew was also sweating; they could neither be fast or slow.
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